Doing business here allows you to be part of a connected community that is eager to help you move forward.


Connecting with decision-makers and stakeholders is easier here. Our unique size and close community allows you to network and build connections that will ensure your business is fast-tracked for success.

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The Saint John region is home to global headquarters for Cooke Inc., Crosby’s Molasses, Innovatia, Irving Oil, J.D. Irving, Limited, Lorneville Mechanical, Mariner and Moosehead Breweries.

Our region provides a spirit of growth potential – here you will find talent with strong business acumen, stability, and an experienced C-suite community.

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The Saint John region offers a winning combination of intermodal transportation and logistics, exceptional service, and global reach.

We are home to Atlantic Canada’s largest Port by volume, handling an average of 28 million metric tonnes of cargo annually.

We are the only Canadian East Coast port with competitive rail connecting to four class 1 railways with local switching services to major industrial customers, including direct access to Port Saint John. Port Saint John is served by New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR), a short line service, with long line connections into Central Canada, the US East Coast and mid-West through CN, and CP via CMQR.

Female NB Southern Railway employee in uniform standing in front of a train

Most Diverse Energy Assets in Canada

Saint John offers the most diverse energy assets in Canada: nuclear, natural gas, oil and gas, hydro-electric, and wind.

We are home to the largest energy-related workforce in Atlantic Canada, developing and leverage emerging technologies -leading the way for clean, low-cost energy and transforming the energy supply.

Two Saint John Energy employees standing in front of a battery bank in the winter


We have a foundation of innovation through manufacturing, telecommunications, and logistics, which has expanded to include energy and health research.

Our integrated academic and training ecosystem is producing the next generation of innovators and leaders – aligning with market demand.

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