A New Type of Growth Agency

Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency is an agile new organization that excels at connecting people and activating strategic, data-driven growth, ensuring that the region is Always Moving Forward.

We represent the City of Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay, Grand Bay-Westfield, Hampton, and St. Martins.

We are united in our principles and will attract growth by delivering an authentic and substantive experience for those seeking to invest, live or visit.

Envision Saint John is the region’s sales, marketing, and support engine strategically focused on attracting people, visitors, business, and investment. We accelerate regional growth by connecting innovators, entrepreneurs, and builders to get stuff done now.

Our 10 Year Outcomes


Growing the population by 25,000


Increasing municipal property
tax base by 30-35%


Our community is highly regarded and our people are proud ambassadors

Strategic Vision

To learn more about our strategic vision, priorities and guiding principles, download a copy of our strategic plan.

Strategic plan PDF