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Meet Our Growth Team

Andrew Beckett photo

Andrew Beckett

Interim CEO

Jillian MacKinnon photo

Jillian MacKinnon

VP Marketing, Communications & Strategic Initiatives

Jeff Cyr photo

Jeff Cyr

Executive Director, Economic Intelligence & Real Estate

Olivia DesRoches photo

Olivia DesRoches

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Shawnna Dickie-Garnhum photo

Shawnna Dickie-Garnhum

Sales Manager

Joelle Hanrahan photo

Joelle Hanrahan

HR & Strategic Recruitment Manager

Matt Hamilton-Snow photo

Matt Hamilton-Snow

Welcome Centre Coordinator

Jin Hu photo

Jin Hu

Data, Analytics & Research Manager

Jody Kliffer photo

Jody Kliffer

Real Estate & Development Manager

Ann Rickman photo

Ann Rickman

Director of Finance

Daniel Rito photo

Daniel Rito

Director of Population Growth & Workforce Development

Jen Silliphant photo

Jen Silliphant

Marketing & Communications Manager

Lindsay Smith photo

Lindsay Smith

Sales Manager

Nicole Vair photo

Nicole Vair

Marketing & Communications Manager

Craig Wilkins photo

Craig Wilkins

Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Growth