Live in Perfect Balance

The Saint John region’s population is growing as more people recognize the benefits of living in a city and its surrounding communities close to nature, epic rivers and the amazing Bay of Fundy.


With houses in beautiful, family-friendly communities selling for a fraction of what they cost in the big city, you’ll be able to buy a home (or two) here and have plenty of money left over to experience all the things the Saint John region has to offer residents. The average single-family house price in Saint John is $330,000 compared to well over $1,000,000 in Toronto.
The front exterior of a home with grey siding and white trim in Millidgeville, Saint John


Escape to the shore minutes from your office or home; life in the Saint John region gives you the balance you need. And it’s all within 20 minutes. Our beautiful, historic urban core offers the amenities of big-city living in a compact, walkable uptown home to boutiques, craft breweries, theatres, bars and restaurants. Water and trail activities are never far away with access to the Bay of Fundy and the river system enveloping our six communities.


Our region offers a diversity of employment with many large companies headquartered here, a robust entrepreneurial community and is a great location for remote work. You can have a powerhouse career without the sacrifices.

If you are a new Canadian or a Newcomer to the Saint John region, there are specialized programs to assist you in your career decision.

New Brunswick Multicultural Council
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Pick Your Home Base

Illustrated map of the Saint John region, highlighting the five communities


History, architecture and harbour views.

Grand Bay-Westfield

Heritage trails, river views and ferry rides.


History, river activities and local flavours.


Scenery, beaches and waterside activities.


Riverside relaxation and rejuvenation.

St. Martins

World’s highest tides, ancient rocks and sea caves.

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