Port Saint John Increases Cargo Tonnage for Fifth Consecutive Year

cargo ship docked

Port Saint John is Atlantic Canada’s largest port by volume and has a diverse cargo base, handling an average of 28 million metric tonnes of cargo annually, including dry and liquid bulks, break bulk, and containers.

And the Port is seeing significant increases in cargo tonnage, with some sectors experiencing as much as 123% growth.

Overall cargo tonnage at Port Saint John for the year 2021 was 28,822,218 metric tonnes (MT), an 11% increase over 2020.

In the container sector, both TEUs and tonnage experienced year-over-year increases in 2021, with TEUs increasing to 86,949 TEUs (10% over 2020) and tonnage increasing to 617,312 MT (6% over 2020).

This is the fifth consecutive year of growth in the container sector at Port Saint John.

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